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Rachel is helpful of Tour Operator & Travel Agents dealing in Package Tours. Important Features like Lead Management, Address Book Maintenance, Itinerary Maintenance, Generation of Quotation, Bulk Email features etc. Platform : VB 6.0 & SQL Server

● Company Profile Managmenet.
● Login Management.
● Granting / Deny Menu Access Rights.
● SMTP Server.
● Document / Account Code Combination
● Country, State, Place Maintenance
● Group/ Meet Maintenance.
● Party Type Maintenance.
● Hotel – Meal Type & Room Type Maintenance.
● Lead Type, Lead Status & Request Type Maintenance
● Vehicle Brand.
● Tax Rate Maintenance.
● Bank & Payment Mode Maintenance

● Easy Maintenance of Address Book.
● Registration of Itinerary , Itinerary Details & Notes.
● Party Maintenance.
● Registration of Tour Consultant.

● Generation & Updation of Business Leads.
● Generation & Updation of Quotation against Business Leads.
● Hotel wise, Vehicle wise & Other Charges with Addition of Markup.
● Generation & Emailing of Quotation to Party.
● Quotation can be easily exported to Doc File.
● On Confirmation of Quotation Customer Booking for Package Tour.
● Generation of Hotel Voucher.
● Generation & Money Receipt for Customer showing Customer Balance.
● Posting of Credit Amount to B2B Party ( Like Hotels, Transporter, Tour Operator ).
● Generation of Payment Voucher to B2B Party and Showing Party wise Balances.
● List of Party wise Balances for the particular Package Tour.
● Easily Modification of Advice Note Credit Postings ( ANCP )
● Fund Adj Advice Posting to Party’s Ledger.
● Miscellaneous Expenses ( Like Salary, House Rent etc )
● Miscellaneous Income.
● Bank Credit / Debit Posting.
● Fund Transfer Between Banks.

● Search – Group / Meet.
● Search – Address Book.
● Search – Party Details.
● Search – Itinerary.
● Search – Business Leads.
● Search – Quotation.
● Search – Customer Book for Package Tour.

● List Address Book via Description, Contact NO, Business Type, Country, State, Place or Meet.
● List of Party Registered between date via criteria Party Type, Country, State or Place.
● List of Business Leads generated between Date also showing summary of Lead Status like How many leads that are Close, Confirmed, Feedback Taken, New Query, Query Replied etc. also showing Consultant wise Lead Status.
● List of Quotation Generated between Dates.
● List of Hotel and Vehicle to be Booked for particular Tour Date.
● List of Customer Booked for Package Tour also summary of total balances.

● List of Money Receipt generated between date also with Summary of Total Amount.
● List of Payments to B2B Party between date with Summary of Total Amount.
● List of Advice Note Posting Generated between Dates for Hotel, Vehicle, Other Charges.
● List of Party Balance CBPT Wise with summary of Total Amount.
● Ledger Details of Party.
● List of Miscellaneous Expenses between date showing code wise expenses and Total Amount.
● List of Miscellaneous Income between date showing code wise Incomes and Total Amount.
● List of Bank Debit / Credit Amount Posting between dates.
● List of Fund Transfer Between Bank Between Dates.
● Code wise, Bank Wise Credit – Debit List.

NOTE : All the Queries result can be easily exported to excel

● Cancellation – Money Receipt from Customer.
● Cancellation – Payment to Party.
● Cancellation – Credit Posting ( Hote / Vehicle / Other Charges ).
● Cancellation – Miscellaneous Expense.
● Cancellation – Miscellaneous Income.
● Cancellation – Bank Credit / Debit Posting.
● Cancellation – Fund Transfer Between Bank.

Bulk E-mail to Party’s from the Address Book