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Dhanya Software is for Laboratory for maintaining Rate Charts of Laboratory, Franchise, Collection Center & Doctors Details, Patient Registration with Test Performed Money Receipt Generation, Payments to Franchise, Doctor and Money Receive from Collection Center, Ledger Details of Franchise, Collection Center & Doctors, Miscellaneous Expenses & Income, Multi-client Structure with different login and Menu Access Rights. Platform : VB 6.0 & SQL Server.

• List of Laboratory Test at Center between dates.
• List of Money Receive from Patient between date.
• List of Test Done for Franchise.
• List of Payments to Franchise.
• Ledger Details of Franchise.
• Franchise Outstanding List.
• List of Test Referenced by Doctor.
• List of Payments to Doctor.
• Ledger Details of Doctor.
• Doctors Outstanding List.
• List of Test for Collection Center
• List of Money Received from Collection Center.
• Ledger Details of Collection Center.
• Collection Center Outstanding List.
• List of Miscellaneous Expenses.
• List of Miscellaneous Income.
• Credit-Debit Listing.

Note : All the Transaction can be reversed by Cancellation