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Asmita Infosys is a firm started in the year 2000-2001. Firm which started with one man's effort has grew since then and has become a team of highly qualified and trained professional extensively engaged in providing High range and Low range of softwares providing services to various kinds of business houses. Firm which originated from Guwahati has now made its presence felt all over Northeast of India and Assam in particular.

Softwares are successfully running in various business houses like School, Colleges, Nursing Homes, Hotel and Restaurants, Multi-Level Networking Business. Software that are being made are customized according to Customer's need and requirement. Both Web based application as well as desktop version are available. Software has a feature both Single user as well as Multiuser platform working on Client - Server Architecture. Software also has feature like sending information from the database through SMS to mobile user.

Asmita Infosys has received appreciation from customer for its after sales services which it provide free of cost till one year. Many people have also joined its family and implemented its software to various parts of Northeast.

Interested person can join to extend its services to other parts of india.